Our Uniquely Innovative MidWest Regional Direct Air Capture Incubator located in the energy capital of the USA, Tulsa, Oklahoma .

TerraDAC Labs is unlike any other incubator in the Direct Air Capture technologies and Carbon Dioxide Removal market. We are an innovative and forward-thinking non-profit that is working tirelessly to combat climate change and make our world a better place. With our cutting-edge technology and groundbreaking research, we are dedicated to finding new and effective ways to capture carbon and reduce our carbon footprint. Our team of experts is passionate about this mission and works tirelessly to develop new ideas and strategies to make a meaningful impact on our planet. If you are looking for an exciting and revolutionary company to work with, TerraDAC Labs is the answer. Join us in our efforts to create a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

From back of the napkin ideas to tomorrow's breakthrough technologies.

Great ideas can come from anywhere, even a simple napkin sketch. But turning those ideas into reality requires more than just creativity. Successful innovation also depends on factors such as market demand, feasibility, and funding. To turn back of napkin ideas into tomorrow’s breakthrough technologies, it’s important to start by refining and validating the concept. This includes researching the market potential, determining technical feasibility, and creating a plan for development and execution. In addition, leveraging networks, seeking mentorship, and partnering with investors can greatly increase the chances for success. With the right mindset, resources, and strategy, ideas scribbled on a napkin can transform into revolutionary inventions that change the world.

Meet the people behind our success

Incubator Services

  • Benefits include mentorship from experts,
  • networking through events,
  • education on business development and marketing,
  • office space and resources,
  • legal and financial support,
  • community and peer collaboration,
  • hands-on workshops, and
  • mentor matching for personalized guidance.

Team Discovery Cohort

WE offer a team discovery cohort designed for Founders with innovative ideas for a new venture that need to form a team with a broad set of skills to ensure success.

It’s important to have individuals with complementary skills and experiences that can collectively tackle the challenges that arise during the early stages of a new business. Having a diverse team can also bring different perspectives and ideas to the table, which leads to better decision-making and problem-solving.

Startups often require individuals with technical expertise, marketing skills, financial acumen, and more. A comprehensive team can share responsibilities and workload while also allowing for specialization and expertise in different areas. Ultimately, the success of a startup business often depends on the strength and depth of its founding team.

Multi-Stage Technology Development Cohort


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